Thursday, May 2, 2013


Recently I finished reading Natsuo Kirino’s OutIn this book a Japanese housewife strangles her no good abusive husband and enlists her co-workers to help her dispose of the body. Absolutely crazy and really disturbing hijinks ensue. and as I was putting it on the huge stack of books I don’t have bookcases for, I noticed Sebastian Junger’s WarA very good book about American Soldiers in Afghanistan, by the same guy responsible for the documentary Restrepo. sitting there. I did a triple take. Take a look:

Is that the exact same cover or what? This warranted further investigation. According to War’s jacket it was designed by someone or something named "Flag". Well that was informative. What the hell is Flag? Is it a company or a group of people? Is it a superstar of the book cover design industry who is so awesome they only need a single name moniker? Is Flag the Madonna or Ronaldo of book design? A Google search proved fruitless.

Out on the other hand was designed by a guy named John Gall. Gall has a blog, and a website. Just looking at the website you can tell that the guy loves half faces. So I have to wonder… is John Gall also Flag? Did Flag copy John Gall? Is this just a freaky coincidence? Regardless, Gall should add a sixth rule to his book cover design rules: When in doubt, go with the half face. Especially when you can make everyone feel dirty.

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